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hearing problemsAs many as 23% of Poles suffer from greater or lesser hearing disorders. The causes are various – hearing sometimes naturally worsens with age. Sometimes, however, young people become deaf to some tones or frequencies. Of these 23%, only a few will be diagnose with hearing loss sufficiently advanced to qualify for an expensive hearing aid. The rest of these patients have to look for a solution on their own. Fortunately, there are solutions that improve ear performance – such as Acust Oil Pro.

For years, doctors have been seeking a solution for hearing loss by natural and non-invasive means. The hearing aid is merely a healing problem. It’a expensive equipment that requires maintenance, which should be turned off and taken off for bathing or sleeping. There are also ear operations, however, these are not covered by insurance in Poland, which leaves only a handful of people rich enough to be able to afford them. With the aid of Dr. Jaromir Kosinski’s revolutionary formula, an accessible and effective way to repair hearing was finally created, which practically everyone can afford.

Groundbreaking research…

During 2010-2012, dr Kosiński worked on the molecular basis of cell division in the inner and middle ear. He noticed that the cells inside the ear are divided into two types. Solid, with no potential for multiplication, barely flexible and prone to damage, and variable, more flexible, prone to division, quickly replaced by subsequent ones in case of cell death.

Dr Kosinski examined both groups of cells procured from donors. Based on the observations, he determined how they behave under the influence of various substances. In a surprisingly well-chosen formula, the solid cells treated with it on petri dishes took on the properties of variable cells.

All that remains is to determine how the right types of cells affect hearing ability. To this end, Dr Kosinski interviewed 200 people with various stages of hearing loss and thoroughly examined samples of cells taken from their ears. Here are the results.

Perfect hearingHearing loss up to 20%Hearing loss between 21% and 50%Hearing loss between 51% and 75%Patients with complete or near complete hearing lossTone deaf patients
Solid cells18%44%58%66%87%51%
Variable cells82%66%42%44%13%49%

The research showed a high dependence between the type of cells composing the ear and hearing impairment, including: hearing of specific tones, partial hearing loss, hearing of certain frequencies and total deafness.

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As you can see, people hearing correctly were characterized by a high percentage of variable cells. In contrast, total deafness correlated with having almost only solid cells. Dr Kosiński based the research on Acust Oil Pro, the first oil that consistently improves hearing.

Composition of Acust Oil Pro

The macro-component formula for the recovery of hearing includes:

  • sweet almond oil. The oil containing vitamins A, D3 and E successively supports the natural processes taking place in the cells. It nourishes them from the inside and ensures the opening of the ear canal. Heated the body heat alone, it penetrates into the structure of the ear, making it less susceptible to the development of new hearing disorders.
  • clove oil extract. It is an excellent source of sodium, iron and potassium. These elements are necessary for the functioning of the sodium-potassium pump in cells. Supports the treatment of all wounds and cavities perfectly, has antifungal and antiseptic properties, reduces swelling and inflammation. Used for centuries in traditional herbal medicine.
  • Tahitian gardenia extract. Tahitian Gardenia is used to prepare an oil called tiare. This oil is purifying and ionizing. Thanks to it, the pH balance in the outer and middle ear is restored, it ensures proper tension of the eardrum.
  • Argan oil. It improves blood circulation, prevents the interior from drying out. It is a good building material, providing a wealth of unsaturated omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

How does Acust Oil Pro work?

Acust Oil Pro product performanceAcust Oil Pro works on the principle of stimulating cells at the molecular level by providing them with “fuel” thanks to which they become more efficient and resistant to damage.

The sound, as everyone knows, is a wave. This wave causes vibrations of the eardrum in the human ear. However, like any wave type, it can also cause damage. You can compare it to a pneumatic hammer on a fairly thick layer of steel. The hammer should not damage the steel – it is too weak – but if it works non-stop, and the material has been damaged earlier or weakened, it is possible progressive degradation by means of prolonged exposure to sound waves.

Acust Oil Pro strengthens and seals cellular bonds. As a result of this process they are more durable. Natural extract from oriental oils stimulates cells to quickly replace dead or damaged ones, and additionally ensures proper hydration and pH stabilization of the inside of the ear – these can be disrupted for people with hearing loss or those using earphones often or constantly.

Research has shown that Acust Oil Pro improves the functioning of the hearing organ already after the first 14 days from the initial application.

Independent clinical trials confirm the effects of Acust Oil Pro

Dr Kosinski conducted independent clinical trials on Acust Oil Pro. The above-mentioned group of 200 people with hearing loss and the control group – those whose hearing performed correctly, divided into groups receiving Acust Oil Pro every morning and those taking placebo.

Hearing improvement/time1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Hearing impaired group(Acust Oil Pro)23%50%66%111%
Hearing impaired group (placebo)4%6%6%5%
Normal hearing group(Acust Oil Pro – control group)2%3%6%10%

Acust Oil Pro reviewsThe results were clear – a group of hearing impaired people using Acust Oil Pro experienced a very significant improvement in hearing quality during the first month of use. In the placebo group, only a slight improvement occurred at the same time, the group of people with normal hearing noticed a small but significant positive change.

Acust Oil Pro worked equally well on all types of hearing loss, including insensitivity to particular tones. A slight but noticeable improvement was noticed by people who were completely (over 85% hearing loss) deaf.

Expert opinions and reviews of Acust Oil Pro

“We are very impressed by Dr. Kosinski’s research! We have hope for further, long-lasting scientific cooperation. There is no doubt that we are facing a breakthrough in the treatment of both hearing loss and progressive hearing illnesses due to aging. The formula of Dr Kosiński solution has already been marketed in the European Union and is quickly starting to conquer eastern and southern countries. The pioneers include: China, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa and Kazakhstan. In the next years it will probably become a standard in the treatment of hearing problems. “

dr hab. Elisabeth Connor, Dr. Mark Wiseau, prof. hab. Peter Morgan, University of Brussels, Department of Medicine and Human Health Sciences

“Acust Oil Pro saved my life. I was one of the people involved in Dr. Kosinski’s study on the use of molecular stimulation of cells. I was born with slight hearing loss. I wore a hearing aid from the age of 5. I have had two operations, after which my hearing returned to the generally accepted standard. Unfortunately, it began to deteriorate with age. I noticed it more or less in my fifties when I had to turn the TV up more and more to hear anything. The neighbors complained about the noise in my apartment, and I did not know what to do.

I applied for the experiment out of desperation. Earlier, the doctor told me that another hearing aid was waiting for me, which I could unfortunately not afford. I did not know what to do. This was the fourth test I applied for.

At first, only the cause of my hearing loss was examined, but then I found out that I was qualified for a new project. This was intended to test a non-invasive hearing aid. I did not believe in it. Until … I found out for myself! I have never heard with such clarity before, even in my best years! Doctors are amazed at how much my hearing loss has receded and how healthy my ears look after using Acust Oil Pro! “

Matylda Ogarska, age 61,

Acust Oil Pro – get rid of hearing loss even in 28 days!

Acust Oil Pro deserves the highest consumer confidence. Many distributors insist on a quick introduction to stationary trading. Above all, it gives a natural alternative to expensive equipment and unnecessary operations that can only give temporary improvement.

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A special composition of oils and oriental extracts rebuilds cells inside the ear at the molecular level, provides a smoother flow of sound waves, improves pH balance within the ear, hydrates and equalizes the chemical balance between the middle and inner ear.

The efficacy of the preparation is confirmed not only by independent clinical trials, but also by the opinions of European and global experts as well as people taking part in the treatment. With Acust Oil Pro you will get rid of your hearing loss in four weeks, with daily, regular use.

FAQ – Acust Oil Pro

Is it possible to buy Acust Oil Pro in-store?
Unfortunately, this is not possible at this moment because of the time-consuming logistic distribution planning. We do not exclude that Acust Oil Pro will be available for purchase in pharmacies or drugstores in the future. At the moment, however, the only option is to buy online.

Is Acust Oil Pro a prescription drug?
You do not need a prescription to buy Acust Oil Pro.

Does Acust Oil Pro have any contraindications when using it?
Acust Oil Pro has no list of contraindications. It is a natural, non-invasive and non-prescription product. However, it is not recommended for use for young children (below 12 years of age), in the case of hearing loss of unknown causes, in the case of ear injuries, mastitis inflammation or fistula. There are no contraindications for use during pregnancy or for breast-feeding women.

I am a completely deaf person (over 85% of hearing loss), will Acust Oil Pro help me hear again?
Unfortunately, Acust Oil Pro is not intended for people who are completely deaf. In such cases, damage to the hearing system may be too great for the preparation to help. Acust Oil Pro is recommended for moderate hearing loss and specific frequency hearing loss.

How should you take Acust Oil Pro?
Acust Oil Pro is a preparation intended for application into the ear canal. It should not be used orally. In the case of entry into the digestive tract it is not toxic. During application, tilt your head and wait about 15 seconds. If part of the preparation comes out when the head returns to the normal position, do not fill the dose with another portion of the preparation, but only wipe the area around the ear. Warning! Acust Oil Pro has an oily consistency. It may get dirty if the preparation drops after application, eg. on clothing. It is recommended to carefully measure the dose.


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